Xtreme Athletics


$36.00 per child
$12.00 for each additional child
45 minute class - $50
60 minute class - $60
each additional class per child will be discounted $10
2nd child discount 10% on first class
Active Military Discount 10%


Baby Gym

This is a parent participation class where you and your child will work to develop balance, hand-eye coordination, kinesthetic awareness, and strength. All gymnastics equipment will be used in this course.

Kinder Gym

An introduction to gymnastics, basic exercises and body awareness in a recreational atmosphere. Locomotor skills are given strong attention at this level.

Jr Gym

These beginner and intermediate children will receive a well-rounded gymnastics program including all the Olympic events plus the trampoline and rock wall.

Girls Progressive

These are for more advanced gymnasts, with focus on higher levels skills on all Olympic events.

Cheer Prep

This Class is for those looking to get ready for their school cheer tryouts. This classes will focus on the fundamentals of jumps, motions, dance, and voice.

Beginning Tumble

This class is for athletes who are new to the sport or are still learning the basics. There is a focus on handstands, cartwheels, falling into a back bend, and kicking over out of a back bend.

Intermediate Tumble

This class continues to build off of the basic skills. We focus on teaching front and back walkovers and introduce back handsprings.

Back Handspring Plus

This class focuses solely on back handsprings and combinations of back handsprings.

Advanced Tumble

This is a focus on series back handsprings, tucks, and combinations of skills already taught. One must have a standing back handspring and running back handspring

Elite Tumble

Athletes must have a standing tuck and a running back handspring tuck to enroll in this class. This class will focus on the continued development of technique of skills current known as well as teaching layouts, fulls, arabians, whips, and more advanced combinations.


3732 Pepperell Parkway,
Opelika, AL 36801
Phone. 334-759-7030